Friday, February 13, 2015

Opening the First Offensive

Word of Swanson et al. has begun to trickle into the blogosphere, so I've decided to open the first offensive (I'll try not to be too offensive!).  My statisticians are taking their own sweet time evaluating its stats, but the hell with it, let's roll.

I'm opening with a pre-emptive strike on what might look at first sight to be a weak spot in their paper.  But when I looked into it I learned stuff that amazed me.   That "weak spot" turned out to be the very reverse--a key to something new (but no longer controversial!) in REAL science that the GMO pseudo-scientists haven't begun to cotton on to, even though (or maybe because) it makes nonsense of their claims that GMOs have been proven safe.  And that's only a foretaste of what's to come, which will include 'Seralini and Hauser: Two Very Different Academic Scandals' and 'The Hidden Connection between GMOs and Climate Change'.

Stuff you won't read anywhere else, plus a free induction into the GMO Hall of Shame for the first commentator who says, "Ha-ha, that's because you make it all up!"

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