Friday, February 20, 2015

NEWSFLASH! Barred from GLP! We're Winning!

Yes!!  They can't stand the truth.  Here it is.  I shall wear it as a badge of honor!


Note that I was not aggressive, disrespectful, off topic, or any of the other things for which I might have been legitimately barred.  There was no reason to bar me except the obvious one: that, as I showed in my last post, the folks at GLP couldn't answer my arguments.  By trying to silence me they have shown their true colors--disregard for the truth and a determination to hide the facts from their readers.  These are the "champions of science and rationality"?  Come on!


  1. Except you continued to post on GLP after you claimed to have been banned

    1. Arthur, please either give me evidence for this claim or withdraw it.

    2. It is now a week since Arthur Doucette published his false claim. Either he is too cowardly to back up that claim or too dishonest to apologize for his error. Your choice, Arthur.